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Here’s What Happens When Water Damage Goes Unaddressed

Here’s What Happens When Water Damage Goes Unaddressed

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If you are a homeowner, it is important to know what to expect if you allow water damage to go unchecked. If you do not address water damage asap, it will lead to more significant issues in the future. Even if the damage seems minor, it is wise not to ignore it. 

So, what problems can potentially develop if water damage is left unaddressed? 

Mold and Mildew

If you see stains from water damage, there is a good chance that the area is a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Not only are mold and mildew damaging to your home, but they can also be a hazard to your health. 


Wet patches on your walls can cause your paint to peel and lead to unsightly stains. If this issue is not taken care of immediately, the stains will become permanent. In addition, if left untreated, the cleaning process and repair will be much more difficult at a later stage. 

Unpleasant Odors 

It is easy to spot a home that has been affected by long-term water damage by the musty smell that lingers when the damage goes untreated. Odors are also a sign of mold and mildew growth in areas that have been damaged by water. 

Health Issues 

Mold is a creeper that is an unfortunate side effect of damage in a home caused by water damage. And with mold comes the chance of causing problems to you and your family’s health. When mold spores are released into the air, they can be breathed into the lungs and cause respiratory problems. 

Inhaling mold spores can lead to symptoms related to nasal congestion, such as cough, throat irritation, prolonged sneezing, wheezing, and tight chest pains. In addition, certain types of mold, such as black mold (Stachybotrys chartarum), have been known to cause serious health issues. Containing and eliminating the potential for mold growth is the best way to keep these potential health problems at bay. 

The Longer You Wait, The More Costly the Cleanup Will Be

If you let water damage fester in your walls, floors, and foundation, you will be in for a very unwelcome treat down the road, which will only become more costly down the road. In other words, if you ignore the water damage in your home, you are only making things worse for the future you. 

Damage that can be repaired quickly by a professional may be cheap if you jump on the project asap, but long-term water damage may lead to a very pricey cleanup job. 

Property Value Decreases 

The value of your property will be directly affected by how you maintain your structural integrity and upkeep. Water damage can be a nightmare when it comes to keeping your property’s value from dropping on the market. This is especially true for those who are looking to sell their property. 

Water damage is the enemy for homeowners. This is true whether you and your family currently reside in the house or are hoping to list it at a reasonable price to have it sold. Because water damage can potentially cause structural damage, it may also threaten the integrity of the building itself. Leaving water damage to its own accords inside your home can quickly become a nightmare in terms of protecting your investment. 

Are There Underlying Problems? 

Moisture that is left to linger in the foundation of your home can be a symptom of a much bigger problem. You may need to look at the damaged area to see the underlying issues. Water damage may lead to expensive plumbing issues, especially if the damage has caused holes in the foundation or roof. 

Electrical Problems

One thing that everyone knows, water and electricity are not friends. If you have dampness seeping into areas of your home, you can bet that it will come in contact with your electrical circuit one way or another. For example, water damage in your basement can reach your home wiring and increase the risk of fire

Standing water combined with exposed wires can also lead to electrical shock if you come in contact with this combination of elements. In addition, if wires are exposed and come in contact with areas that have water damage, the risk of a fire sparking is elevated. 

The water damage can also cause further damage to any of your electrical circuits and components. It is also possible that it may irreparably damage your appliances if the water source is ignored. Ignoring this will lead to the need to replace any number of costly items in your home. 

Structural Damage 

Serious structural damage can cause cracks or warp the foundation. This is especially prevalent in wood structures within your home. Water damage is not only an aesthetic problem but may have an effect on the strength and alignment of the framework of your home. 

Be aware of the metal components in your home. This includes the ducts and reinforcements involved in the various parts of the structure. Also, be aware that all aspects of the fabrication of your home can be affected by lingering water damage. If the cleanup and repair are prolonged, it may be detrimental to how your home will bounce back after water damage. 

Dealing with Your Insurance 

Homeowners who have experienced water damage to their homes will inevitably require assistance from their insurance plan. Getting in touch with your insurance company will be the first step you’ll need to take to understand what costs will be covered. 

You can avoid extensive damage repair costs if you take the initiative to clean up the areas in your home that have been damaged by water before they become highly problematic. The longer you let moisture dawdle within your home, the greater the possibility that it will have a negative effect on the foundation of your home in the future. 

Getting a head start on your water damage repair work will highlight problems and weaknesses, so you can avoid future headaches and rectify them on the spot. 

The best way to approach water damage cleanup is to leave it to the professionals. Utah Disaster Clean Up & Restoration has a trained and ready staff to rid your home of water damage. Contact us today and allow us to get your home back in working condition quickly and efficiently. 

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