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Water damage restoration

Water Damage Cleanup

What can start as a small puddle of water can turn into severe water damage that threatens your home’s foundation and livability. That’s why it’s so important to tackle water damage immediately, at the source. It’s when water is left unchecked that it causes harm.

A drop of water on the floor that’s quickly picked up won’t cause water damage. But spilling a pot of water on the floor and not wiping it up in a hard-to-reach area can. Other common causes include malfunctioning pipes, plumbing issues, septic tank damage, HVAC problems, natural disasters, and more.

Malfunctioning Pipes

Pipes can malfunction without you even realizing it when there’s a burst or leak. Since many lines are in walls, it can be challenging to detect until significant damage within the walls becomes evident from the surface.

For example, you could notice mold damage months after the pipe bursts. Changes in pressure, freezing temperatures, and even earthquakes can cause a pipe to break.

Plumbing Issues

Plumbing issues take all shapes and forms, including rusty pipes, clogged gutters, downspouts, outdated appliances, blocked toilets, septic tank and sewage backup, air conditioning, and weather conditions.

Noticing rusted pipes is one of the first signs that plumbing issues are to come. But rust isn’t the only sign, nor is it always part of your plumbing problems.

Problems are likely brewing if you have clogs in your gutters or downspouts.

A blocked toilet will quickly make its way to your pipes, causing those clogs and contributing to sewage backup.

Septic Tank Damage

Septic tank damage is one of the most dangerous kinds of plumbing issues because it can cause health issues. This damage happens when the septic tank gets too full and overflows. This causes the organic matter in the tank to back up through your drains, which can lead to sewage in your water lines.

HVAC Problems

Not regularly checking your A/C can lead to problems. Your A/C sucks unnecessary moisture out of the air. If the ducts get clogged, the moisture will stick to the vents. That moisture will turn into water that drips on the floor.

Natural Disasters

Unfortunately, you can take excellent care of everything and still end up with water damage. A hurricane, tornado, or earthquake can strike at any time, leaving unimaginable water damage in its path.

Not only is it important to know what water damage looks like, but you also need to know the differences between greywater and blackwater damage.

Greywater damage helps microbial growth, which damages your belongings and is very bad for you. Both direct and indirect exposure can cause serious health issues. Blackwater is even worse because it comes from sewers. You have all the risks of greywater and the health issues from sewer damage.

Call Utah Disaster Cleanup

Discovering water damage can be a nerve-wracking experience, even if you’ve planned for it. After all, scrolling through photos of water damage isn’t the same as spotting it in your home. That’s why, when you spot water damage, you should call the experts. Contact us today to start repairing and restoring your home.

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