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What Does Sewage Cleanup Include? Here’s What to Expect

What Does Sewage Cleanup Include? Here's What to Expect

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Sewage cleanup is a nasty, dirty job that should always be handled by a trusted professional company that thoroughly understands the process.

Being a property owner is great in many aspects, such as building equity, creating the space you want, tax benefits, and more. However, it comes with plenty of cons, such as dealing with issues as they arise. One of the worst home issues may just be sewage damage and the cleanup process. 

Sewer backups are unpleasant, to say the least. Not only is the entire process disgusting, but it can also end up being super expensive. 

Several things can contribute to a blockage that results in a backup, like old systems, tree roots, improper waste disposal, and more. When sewer lines become blocked, wastewater can back up, come up out of the toilets and drains, and make its way into your property.

As you can imagine, sewage backups and wastewater are chock full of countless bacteria, viruses, and other types of pathogens, which are extremely harmful and toxic the moment they seep out of the drain and into your property. 

On top of the foul smell, sewage backup can cause many diseases and illnesses for humans and animals that are not adequately protected (such as wearing proper protective gear). Avoiding sewage and wastewater is essential to the health and wellness of all living things, as well as the overall condition and functionality of your property. 

But the unfortunate truth is that it’s not always avoidable, and the need for sewage cleanup can occur. Thankfully, though, there are things you can do to prevent backups and companies you can rely on to handle the issue, which we will discuss below. It’s also important for property owners to understand the process of what could happen, which we will also address.

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Sewage Backup Disaster: What To Do

There is never a good time for a sewer blockage and backup. Unfortunately, blockages can happen in city sanitary mains and within your home. When blockages are not detected right away, sewage from the main drain can back up into your business or house through floor drains, toilets, and showers, which is as nasty and foul-smelling as it sounds.

Yes, some plumbing issues can be handled by the average homeowner; however, when it comes to blockages, backups, and sewer cleanups, calling in professional sewage cleaning services is necessary. However, there are some things you can do when disaster strikes:

  • Call in the Professionals — The instant you suspect there is a problem (or when you know there is one), and before you do anything else, call a knowledgeable and experienced professional.
  • Turn Off the Water Main — To avoid further issues, such as water damage, it’s best to turn off your water. Continuing to use the toilets, sinks, and showers in your home will only make the situation worse. People are creatures of habit, and even when we know the plumbing is out of order, we’ll still try to wash our hands in the sink or flush the toilets out of habit. Turning off the water can help prevent further damage from occurring.
  • Take Photos and Videos for Insurance — One of the next steps to take, before any cleanup or any other action is taken, is to take pictures and video footage of the damage for insurance purposes. When you file a claim, your insurance provider will likely ask for proof of damage, and photos and videos are great at showing that evidence.
  • Skip At-Home Drain Cleaners and Equipment — It is tempting for homeowners to try a DIY approach, such as using an at-home drain cleaner or a drain snake. Do not do it! This approach rarely works and can actually worsen the problem. Save your time and money and wait for the professional to tackle the task.
  • Get Out of Dodge Fast! — Once you’ve called the pros, turned off the water, and taken photographic evidence, it’s best to vacate the property as quickly as you can if possible. As mentioned, sewage backups pose many health risks, and it is just not worth getting sick. Gather your loved ones and pets, remove any valuable and undamaged items, and leave the property.

Sewer Damage and Cleanup Process

Greywater, blackwater, and sewer backups are challenging issues, mainly because these problems can become progressively worse when they are not fixed properly. Without correct remediation, your plumbing, floors, walls, carpets, furniture, and more can become damaged, moldy, and require replacement.

A professional cleanup service can remove sewage, identify the origin of the issue, and repair damage. You can expect most restoration companies to quickly:

  • Contain the leak
  • Repair and replace damaged pipes and other plumbing
  • Remove all sewage and wastewater
  • Disinfect affected areas and belongings
  • Dehumidify and dry walls, floors, and other affected areas
  • Restore damaged areas to their former state

Sewage Clean: Leaving it to the Professionals

Some jobs should just be handled by a professional, and dealing with wastewater and sewage cleanups is one of them. Here’s why:

They Will Find the Cause of the Issue — When your property suffers a sewer backup, finding the root of the problem is critical. There are numerous reasons why sewage water could be backing up, such as tree roots, damaged sewer lines, clogged pipes, or other reasons. A sewage backup cleaning professional knows how to quickly and effectively investigate and find the cause of the mess to prevent further damage.

They Have the Necessary Tools and Equipment — A professional has access to the necessary tools and equipment as well as products and methods to fix issues, like an industrial-sized drain snake or hydro-jetter. For bigger issues, they may have to dig and replace broken pipes or remove tree roots. 

They Know How to Prevent Mold Growth — Any time water leaks into your property, a risk of mold growth presents itself, even with sewage backups. Imagine dealing with a sewage disaster and then having to face a mold issue! A professional will restore your home and ensure it is properly dried and ventilated to prevent mold growth.

They Will Properly Disinfect the Property — There’s no doubt that sewer water poses a serious threat to humans and animals thanks to the countless hazardous microbes found within it. Sewage water contains contaminants such as:

  • Salmonella
  • Acanthamoeba
  • Various types of Coli
  • Heliobacter Pylori
  • Leptospirosis
  • Adenovirus
  • Rotavirus
  • Norovirus
  • Hepatitis A
  • Giardiasis
  • Strongyloidiasis and other types of worms
  • and so much more.

A professional has the knowledge, experience, and equipment to remove these nasty germs and clean your property 100% to ensure you and your loved one do not become sick.

10 Things You Can Do To Prevent Sewage Backups

Dealing with a sewage problem stinks (see what we did there?)! Thankfully, property owners can take preventative action to help avoid these issues. Here are ten things you can do to avoid calling a sewage backup cleaning company:

  1. Only flush human waste and toilet paper. Nothing else! We cannot stress this one enough! Never flush diapers, wipes (yes, even the ones labeled “flushable”), feminine products, paper towels, or tissues.
  2. Avoid planting trees or bushes near sewer lines and laterals.
  3. Replace old pipes when necessary.
  4. Professionally install a backwater valve.
  5. Avoid putting fatty, oily, or greasy foods down the drain. In fact, any food down your drain isn’t ideal, even if you have and use a food disposal.
  6. Avoid connecting French drains, sump pumps, downspouts, and other flood control systems to your sewer line.
  7. Bring in a trusted professional to install an exterior clean-out.
  8. Elevate your house drain.
  9. For properties in low-lying areas where flooding is common, install a sump pump. Sump pumps can assist in removing accumulated water in basements and crawl spaces and can last a decade or two, depending on usage.
  10. Invest in yearly plumbing and sewer line inspections. Professionals will use a sewer camera to inspect your system for cracks, holes, and obstructions.

Need Help With Sewage Cleanup? The Professionals at Utah Disaster Clean Up & Restoration Are Here to Help!

If you are facing a backup, help managing sewage cleanup is key, and the professionals at Utah Disaster Clean Up & Restoration are here to help you.

Blocked sewer lines can cause serious issues, and if you suspect there’s a problem, it’s crucial that you get expert help from a trusted professional. An experienced specialist can determine the cause of the issue and handle the sewage backup cleaning and restoration process in a sanitary, safe, and timely manner.

In addition to sewage cleaning services, our team specializes in floods, smoke and fire damage, mold remediation, and more! With more than 20 years of restoring properties, we are proud to be a trusted restoration and reconstruction company in Northern Utah. We are also available 24/7 for emergency services.

We are located in Murray and serve businesses and residents across the Salt Lake Valley. Contact us today to learn more.

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